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Dickens Club, Объединение любителей творчества Ч. Диккенса

Изучение и популяризация творчества Чарльза Диккенса


Основные события в жизни Ч. Диккенса http://www.perryweb.com/Dickens/life_events.shtml


Dickens Online Resources http://dickens.ucsc.edu/links.html

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Характеристика Викторианского периода в истории Великобритании: общая картина; бедные и богатые; преступность; положение женщин; Лондон. http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/british/victorians


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The Constitution was adopted at the Dickens Fellowship’s Annual General Meeting held on 30th July 2005 during the 99th Annual International Conference held in Canterbury, UK.


Как создать отделение Диккенсовского сообщества или вступить в него?

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Charles Dickens Games, Puzzles and Quizzes http://www.perryweb.com/Dickens/puzzle_main.shtml  

Quizzes Ask Scrooge - If you have a yes or no question let  *  Scrooge help.

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A Christmas Carol Picture Scramble

Crossword Puzzle - Visit our Dickens-themed crossword puzzle.

David Copperfield Matching Game - Who was sent to debtors prison?  Who had a dog named Jip?  Test your knowledge of this autobiographical novel.

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Gad's Hill Place Picture Scramble

Great Expectations Game - How familiar are you with Pip and his adventures?  

Hard Times Crossword Puzzle

Oliver Twist Picture Scramble  

Opening Lines - We added a game for the Dickens aficionado! Here  you’ll find the first lines of ten of Dickens’s works. You’re given three choices for each of the starting lines. It’s fun, but it’s challenging!

Our Mutual Friend Crossword Puzzle  

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A Tale of Two Cities Quiz - Who moonlighted as a grave robber?  Who was an agent of Tellson's Bank?


Ежегодная конференция Диккенсовского общества, проекты для школьников и студентов.



О первом произведении Ч. Диккенса "Посмертные записки Пиквикского клуба": статья, кроссворд, ключи.


Женщины, оказавшие влияние на жизнь и творчество писателя.


From a very early age Charles Dickens knew he wanted to be gentleman. Unfortunately the odds weren't in his favor.

His family was constantly on the edge of financial and social disaster. However they did have some limited funds put aside to send one of their children to a university or academy. Mr. and Mrs. John Dickens considered the talents and qualifications of all their children. They wanted to use the money earmarked for education where it would do the most good. It was as if they were placing all their bets on one child. Charles was not that child.

His parents chose to send their daughter, Fanny, to school. She had a talent for music and was sent to an academy. Not long after that Charles was sent to work at the blacking factory.

It seemed as if everything was against him. However he had talent, and more importantly he had desire, drive and a strong belief in himself. He worked hard to make his dream life into a reality.

Charles Dickens wasn't perfect. He was stubborn and sometimes quick tempered. He often blamed others for the problems that he himself caused. The force of will that enabled him to succeed prevented him from taking an honest look at his own life.

While he was unable to learn from the lessons of his own life perhaps we, his readers, can be more fortunate. A study of his life reveals that perfection is not a qualification for success and that no one really defines us but ourselves.



The Mystery of Edwin Drood is the last unfinished novel by Charles Dickens.

О романе, последняя страница произведения, написанная автором, несколько иллюстраций к книге.

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 Знаменитые женщины писательницы XIX века. Беатрис Поттер одна из них.

Long before Beatrix Potter was a published author, she drew illustrations for some of her favourite childhood stories - Cinderella and the Brer Rabbit stories by Uncle Remus. She drew these mostly to please herself, although sometimes she would give the pictures to friends and relatives.

In the early 1890s her first published work appeared - greetings card designs and illustrations for a booklet, A Happy Pair, for the publisher Hildesheimer & Faulkner.

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Charles Dickens (1812--1870)


Pickwick Papers . Oliver Twist . Nicholas Nickleby . Old Curiosity Shop . Barnaby Rudge . American Notes . Martin Chuzzlewit . Christmas Carol . Chimes . Cricket on the Hearth . Dombey and Son . David Copperfield . Bleak House . Hard Times . Little Dorrit . Tale of Two Cities . Great Expectations . Our Mutual Friend . Mystery of Edwin Drood . Child's History . George Silverman's Explanation . Haunted Man/Ghost's Bargain . Holiday Romance . Hunted Down . Master Humphrey's Clock . Mudfog . Pictures from Italy . Reprinted Pieces . Sketches by Boz . Young Couples . Young Gentlemen . Speeches . Sunday . Battle of Life . Lamplighter . Uncommercial Traveller . Read At Dusk . Lazy Tour . Three Ghost Stories . Signal-Man . Haunted-House . Trial for Murder . Articles

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The shocking Victorian murder that showed Charles Dickens how to finish off poor Nancy


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Завтра муниципальный этап научно-практической конференции школьников Кольцово. Доклалы обучающихся  10 класса Даниелян Карины и Чертовой Яны отобраны к участию в конференции. Тезисы и презентации их выступлений в приложении.


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